New Vendor – Dadant & Sons

We are very thankful to Dadant & Sons for bringing our new honey bee swarm trap into their product line! From their website: We currently have the seventh generation involved in the business. From humble beginnings, our company has expanded to 10 branch locations nationwide and 4 manufacturing facilities that are located near Hamilton, IL….

Retail and Assembled Traps Now Available on Amazon!

Continuing with our eBay listing, we’re broadening our horizons to offer our swarm trap on Amazon. This listing includes both retail (unassembled) and FULLY assembled units that include 6 medium plastic frames and two bungee cords. refuBees Swarm Trap Amazon Listing

Now Available on eBay!

In an effort to further promote the plight of local honey bee populations, and to better reach our customers, our Swarm Trap is now available on eBay! eBay refuBees Swarm Trap listing

First Production Run!

Thanks to Custom Molded Products in Wilmington, Ohio who hung out with me all morning finding that “perfect” combination of wood and plastic for the retail traps. Shipping is just around the corner!

Thank you!

We’re off to a nice start, but there’s still a ways to go! Please consider donating or sharing our refuBees Swarm Trap™ Indiegogo Campaign if you haven’t already. We appreciate your continued support!

Our Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE!

Our campaign is now live!  We appreciate your patience and support as we worked to bring this product to market. refuBees Swarm Trap™ – DONATE NOW! From a simple drawing on a sheet of paper, to variety of workable 3D prototypes, to retail plastic traps. We made it! Funds raised will be to pay back…