Innovating Horizons...

Our overarching goal it to bring new products to life that both moves us forward and assists the natural world. Whether energy, agriculture, aquaculture, or…beyond.

Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson
Logistics Director

Entrepreneur, inventor, and writer.

This business will be the third business set up by Jeff, the first being an eRetail company specializing in mobility products for wheelchairs and scooters.  The second is a screenwriting website, where writers access the forums sharing tips and ideas on the art of writing for film.

Both required logistical skills, including sales and marketing.  With retail, the idea of “just in time” inventory was implemented, manufacturing and sourcing products based on short term sales so only the necessary amount of capital is invested.  The other online experience became successful through social media, that took time, but as new members joined they discovered the value and reached out to fellow writers throughout the world, requiring little to no marketing budget.

Horizons Innovation will be a blend of the two, housing all of accumulated skills under one roof.