Innovators Wanted!


Are you an urban beekeeper looking to promote your craft with neighbors who want to help but aren’t ready to take the full beekeeping plunge?

Are you a forward thinking bee steward who wants to create better connections in your area for swarm retrieval?

If so, WE’RE looking for these types of people with an estblished network to test our product!

Our swarm trap is easy to assemble.  Easy to hang.  Easy to transfer.  And homeowners wanting to help not only enjoy the satisfaction of catching a swarm, but are educated about local pollinators when they work with you.  (Not to mention you get free bees!)

The refuBees Swarm Trap™ is  a lightweight plastic trap that accommodates 6 medium plastic or wood frames, and Made in the USA.

In addition to launching our refuBees Swarm Trap™ Indiegogo Campaign we want to donate 10 to 20 traps around the US in time for the 2018 swarm season.  Product breakdown is in our crowdfunding video below, and retail swarm traps should be ready to ship by March 1.

If interested, please comment below or fill out our contact us form.

(Interested parties will be contacted and screened for knowledge and viability.)

Thank you for your support and cooperation!


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